Friday, September 23, 2011

Beta 3.0 released


Yes its finally here!
Beta 3.0 is now waiting for you in a secret set of secret folders somewhere in secret internet locations.

Playtesters who registered via email using SKULLDRED BETA as the title will have an email waiting for them containing a non disclosure agreement and optional questionnaire.  Its not too late- if you have not sent an email yet, do so as soon as possible and I will add you to the list!

Once I get the signed NDA back, you will have a personal link sent out to a watermarked PDF.  Hope you enjoy it!

All feedback is done via the beta forum... you will need to register to get a password to the beta 3.0 section.

Phew.  I can go have a beer and relax now!


  1. Dangit Dave, hurry up and send that NDA, dying to see the changes you've talked about.

  2. Wow, membership just doubled over night! It will be a couple of days to create all the new watermarked PDFs - so hang in there!

  3. Man, the wait is killing me lol. Any update on when the NDA/rules packets will be available?

  4. All sent out now- flick me an email if you have not got yours today!

  5. Dave I haven't seen an email from you yet...message sent!