Friday, August 5, 2011

Progress report

Got a great editing session in to the core rulebook, and feel I have streamlined a great deal.  Magic is the only area I think needs some serious reworking before the game is publishable.  Its been a really positive session, as I finally get my head around the book after putting it down for a while!


I have replaced span, fast span and long span, with span, double span and triple span.  Its pretty obvious why this makes it easier to understand.  This means the '5 human base width' fast span now becomes 6 base widths.  This may effect the price.

I would like to rename action points to action pips.  They sound nicer.  You spend the pips on the action dice, after all.


Models smaller by 2 sizes get slammed back in a recoil. They must make a 1 span move in a straight line, or else become downed.


Suggestions for price changes are warmly welcomed right now.  I have already mentioned that steadfast units, champions etc are going up, hordes are doing down.  Comments below if you have any suggestions!  I need to lock these down pretty soon so I can do the character cards for the release.


Is getting another big overhaul- I am looking at shuffling the system around a bit.  My current thought is that casting magic is done instead of performing actions.  One spell, one turn.  Each spell has a difficulty, and that acts as the target number to hit.  The number of dice hit determines the effect of the spell.  Enemy sorcerers in range can counter the spell by rolling opposed, and can gang up if mates are handy.  The down side is if they loose they become burnt.  A burnt sorcerer cannot use magic until they recover (3 action points).
The second change I am thinking of is having the ability 'sorcerer'.  Magic dice are used to activate magical abilities, but only sorcerers can open portals, cast spells and counter spell.  That way you can have dragons with a fire breath spell, for example, or displacer beasts who can use a blink spell, but require a magic roll to do so.

This will actually make spell prices more simple, as a difficult spell should not be more expensive than an easy spell- perhaps even a flat rate.

I am also considering making certain magical abilities lootable at a cheaper cost.  The idea is if you kill a model with a lootable ability, you can pick up the object and use it yourself.  Its basically weighing up a risk.

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