Saturday, August 20, 2011


Yes Dreadlings,

  Its getting really close to the release date of the core rulebook. 
  I have disabled the link to the beta 2 pdf since its way out of date, and I really would like everyone to be enjoying the huge upgrade I have given the system.
  If you would like a copy of version 3.0 for playtesting, just simply use your emaily-type-computational-thing and flick me a mail with SKULLDRED BETA in the title.  I will email you a copy when its ready!

  Beta 3.0 is a ground up rewrite, complete with new abilities, fast character building, streamlined action, combat and magic system all wrapped up in an A5 full color format that the final version will be

Progress report

I have finished shunting around data into the new chapters.  Each chapter now has a strip down the side and is colour coded, so you can flip through the booklet to the exact section you need without fuss.
The book is 83 pages right now, so with illustrations, diagrams and quickstart army lists it should be probably around the high 90's.  I cannot wait to see a printed version!

Its really awesome to see how many folks signed up for beta 3.0 so far- very exciting!

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