Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kate wins. Fatality.

Got a great Skulldred session in with my lovely wife Kate tonight.  She soundly defeated me twice in a mirror match, making a 100 percent winning streak for her.  No.  I do not let her win.  :(
I did get to try out my new 30mm bases, and we both agree it makes a huge difference to the gameplay.  Now I have to shift her figures over too.  :)

We had a dramatic battle over an aztec ruined stepped temple, with Kate trying to rescue an amazon from being roasted on a spit .  Both of us made heavy use of leaping rules, jumping from ruin to ruin and performing jump attacks onto people below!  Great fun.

One trick to a great Skulldred game we discovered was to scatter goals about the board, such as lootable treasure chests that may contain weapons and spell items.  These gave units reasons to break away from the central fight.  This will be appearing in Skulldred Scenarios!

On the book front, things are coming along nicely, with the major magic revision streamlining the chapter down to a few simple pages.  I have added portal craft, chain command, creepy and counter spell as abilities.
I settled on spells having a target number (degree) and going with casting one spell instead of performing actions that turn.  Making portals is an action, requiring the portalcraft ability.  1 action pip per portal.  Limit of 3 in play per side.  You can now walk through portals, so they cannot be used to trap non magical users.
Just have to revise through the spells and its closed beta time!

Not long now!

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