Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Feedback needed

Hey folks,
I am shifting the size system to 1 for small things, 2 for humanoids, 3 horse, 4, big things, 5 large things and 6 gargantuan things (that you cannot possibly miss unless your really unlucky).  To Kill is SIZE + 1 + armour (max armour is 3- light, medium and heavy), making instant kills beat by 3.  (This means an average 2 dice troop needs to get a strategic advantage or hope the enemy drops his guard to score an instant kill.)  Hit points are available to size 4, 5 and 6 models- simply deduct damage hits from the score- they default to 4, 5 and 6 hit points.  You can buy hit points for any hero level model or greater, or models size 4+.  Cost is 5 gold- default maximum in tournament is 12.

Seems to test well at my end, let me know how you like it in your games... its a LOT of work to edit it back out if its not good, so some timely feedback is much appreciated!

I am increasing champions cost by a 10 gold flat fee, 5 for heroes.  Flat 3 gold for combat dice, shoot dice, 5gc for long strike level. 

I am taking out multiple leap and jumps- you may only leap or jump once per turn.  Add 5 to all fast move options, and add 10 to all long move options (so fly long is 40 gold).

Buff all costs +20 gold.  Battle buff +5.

The new Magic system is still coming along.  Much smoother.

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