Friday, August 19, 2011

Beta 3.0 Progress

Huge progress on the beta today after a morning of sculpting mayhem.  Its really starting to come together.  I spent the majority of the time picking through duplicate rule references - if your writing your own game system, this can make a huge difference to editing and tuning- a fact I actually knew, but forgot about in the craziness of building this game.  Bad designer.  No biscuit.
I have been condensing all the exceptions to a rule in the abilities chapter and using the core rules description to assume a default model.  Huge difference in chapter size and readability now.
  The nice thing about all the rules for flying, grappling etc being in the abilities chapter is that you do not need to know or read them until you field a model with that ability.
  So I just need to pick through the spell system, rebuild the price list, price up the quickstart warbands and redo some diagrams before I can release it.

Once again, if your interested in getting a copy of the BETA 3.0 - shoot me an email with SKULLDRED CLOSED BETA in the title!

  I am feeling really happy about where the game is now. Plus, I just got a package containing some rare citadel old night horrors that I am itching to make a warband for!

Good night creatures.

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