Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beta 3.0 on way

Yes dreadlings, a new skulldred looms on the darkening horizon!

Well, on the word processor, anyway.

It's a big overhaul - so I am calling it beta 3.0 and sending it out to current play testers.

This one is the same dice mechanics as before, but revises the action system with a more ergonomic game flow and less abstract concepts. The result is a slimmer book, and more narrative flow to a turn. Very exciting.

I will post here when it is released in a few days.  If you want to be on the beta, send me an email with SKULLDRED CLOSED BETA in the title!


  1. Very exciting...I was just gearing up to introduce my pals to the last version...I'll wait for the new one now!

  2. Is this going to be an "stable" version?
    There are few guys at the forum I use to frecuent willing to translate it to Spanish, but they are waiting for a final (or as close as possible) edition.

  3. Nope, not stable!
    Lots of folk have offered to translate it into Spanish, Italian and German (thanks all!)
    I still want to be able to shuffle the beta around without wasting anyone's time. I would feel awful if I rewrote half the book and they had to change it- its 83 pages at the moment!

    Beta 3 is the last beta round, if everyone loves it, its going to be tarted up for edition 1.0, then translated.