Friday, August 19, 2011

Beta 3.0 goodies

Glad to hear people are excited... here are some of the features of the beta 3 booklet.

  • A5 pocket format.
  • 1 page model builder.  Dice cost flat amounts (smile Paolo!).  In fact, everything is in flat amounts.  All ability rules are back in own section where they belong.  You start with 0 dice on everything, and can buy up to size+level for shoot and combat dice, and level x 2 for magic dice.  That way you can buy big but weak monsters if you like.
  • Models may be either leaders, characters or minions.  Minions may be cowardly minions, brave minions, savage minions, squabbling minions, respawning spawn and treacherous minions.  Only minions make action rolls when outside of a leader or characters influence.  Characters control 1 span, leaders 1 long span.
  • Actions and moves separated out.  Models make 1 'free' move, and 1 action, or 2 free moves.  Any other actions must make a strength dice roll (dreadskulls)- you wager a number of strength dice, roll vs. your models level and any that roll misses are burnt.  The hits are return to your pool.
  • Models can make 'weave' moves- (2 base hops, each in any direction) or runs (1 span in a straight line).  Spans are now 4" by default.
  • Abstract concepts removed:  Downed models are now either stunned and wounded.  Dreadskulls are now called strength dice.  Wounded models can crawl around to get to a safe distance, and can be carried.
Wounds, glorious wound markers (litco mini skulls- awesome!)

  • Easy wound system. Boy I have been loving my litco skull markers!  Simple damage.  Compare your opponents hits to yours... the difference is how many wounds you cause.  A single wound is a stun... it uses a different counter to normal wounds (I use green skulls).  It can be shaken off at the start of your next turn for free if you want to risk waiting.  If the attack does 2 wounds you get a proper wound marker.  These are permanent- you must burn strength dice to remove or find a healer.  Yes, I said... HEALER.
  • Minions can only take 1 stun or a wound.  All other models stack up wounds and die once their To Kill score is reached.  If the damage of a blow equals your To Kill... your toast.
  • All attacks that land cause recoil (unless model is grabbed or snared).  If you cant recoil, you get an extra damage point.
  • You may no longer choose a lesser evil... you may only choose to press.  This speeds things up as the reaction is immediate- you dont have to wait for your opponent to tell you which option they pick.
  • Models can gang up over walls and up and down elevations.
  • Only models 2 sizes smaller can swing around- its called dart through now.  The rest can slide around the base to reposition.
  • Buffs streamlined to just 1 dice within 1 span.  Leaders buff 1 dice to all models within 1 span for all combat, shoot and magic rolls.  You can buff when engaged.
  • Cast spell is just an action- you can only cast 1 per turn.  Enemy spell casters can use counter spells.  Portal craft is a spell.  Monsters can now have magic dice and spells without being full blown sorcerers, opening portals and doing all that gumph.
  • Portals can now creep about the board.  Oooh, that spooky magic.  Walking into one makes you appear on any other side of the same marker you like... they can no longer be used to trap models in corners  (very sneaky guys!)
  • Spells have a target number to hit- the more hits, the more power the spell has. Job done.  All abilities can be lootable objects... once the model dies, it can be stolen by an enemy.

Something I want to trial out is using base range for long strike.  Simply put, you can engage folk within 1 of your base sizes away if you have the long strike ability. Mount your model on a larger base to increase its attack range- this works naturally with miniatures, as you probably need to mount spears and other polearm and whip bearing models on larger bases anyway.
Models in their enemies range, but not in their own suffer a 1 dice penalty... they must close the gap to be even.  Touching bases are grappling models... get your armoured rottweilers up close and personal to trap a model so it cannot recoil.
Longstrike uses combat dice as usual.

Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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