Thursday, August 4, 2011

Basing for Skulldred

Hey Dredlings,

Here are some work in progress pictures of my new Skulldred demo models sporting brand new 30mm laser cut bases.  Woot!
If you thinking of basing up a warband specifically for Skulldred I highly recommend 30mm round bases as the humanoid base of choice from 28mm scale games.
Regular slottas are only 25mm in diameter- great for when figures where 24mm scale, but since then everything has crept up a fair way.  Modern lipped bases (Warmachine, Malifaux etc) are 30mm for humans, and thats great.  Believe me, adding that extra 5mm gives you a good bit of breathing space and your less likely to damage your brilliant paint jobs in a gang up.
As a modelling freak I also like it because I get to put more decoration on them and can multibase smaller creatures together.

Hasslefree Svala B and Kaylee B- sporting a scratch built shield.

Classic 1979 Asgard miniatures.  The lizard man is mounted on a 40mm poker chip.

Wooden laser cut bases are ideal for Skulldred.

I love it when people put minis on big decorative bases.  To allow for more of this I have tweaked the rules to allow you to move through gaps based on your SIZE, rather than your base footprint.  The rule still stands that you can only place a model where its base can fit, but can squeeze through gaps in the scenery based on an arbitrary SIZE score.


These bases are cheap laser cut plywood from Aussie company Aetherworks.  In the US, you can grab some from Litco. I really like ply bases, they look like plastic once painted and are easy to pick up during play- the lipped bases can be really tricky and most people end up picking the model up by the figure- not a great way to protect your paint job!  Not having the lip also lets me decorate the base more.
For the larger bases you can also use poker chips available from cheapo stores- an old gamer trick I recently adopted.  I prefer ply though, because it soaks up the black paint, whereas the paint on the poker chips tends to chip off.


Its really kinda lonely developing Skulldred from my tiny little room.  You know, I really would love to see some pictures of your games, warbands and your players.  Send em in, or stick them up on the beta forum and make an old game developer happy!

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