Monday, August 22, 2011

Aarklask lives! Kats Birthday! Double celebrations!

Kats Birthday!
Its my lovely wife Kat's birthday celebrations over the coming week- the usual bacchanalia of feasting, jousting, wenching and burnt offering animal sacrifices (or as we like to call them in Australia, BBQs) will ensue.  The upshot (or inversely, the low down) of this is I will be unable to respond to emails* for a couple of days whilst merriment is made.  If you have sent me a request for joining the beta during this time, stony silence awaits.  Picture me in a corner- (a muscular, yet intelligent looking man- clearly a leader of men, a scholar and a gentleman of letters**) whimpering with a bag of ice on my head.

 *and spoken questions with little more than a grunt and a mumble about my poor head
** Actual Dave product may vary.

Aarklash lives!  (or un-lives depending on your point of view)

Skulldred member DV8 started a thread a wee while ago about using Skulldred to fill the void left by Confrontation for using those beautiful Rackham models he had.  That got me a little inspired to start hunting down the figures I really loved and by Rackhams ghost I scored some beauties off ebay and they arrived yesterday.  I am now the proud owner of a figure I thought I had missed for good-Eijin de Vanth  (or croissant head as I prefer her) she is one of the coolest models in the art deco style I have seen- and she also usually fetches a huge price.  Amazingly, I scored a genuine one for under a tenner, a Gorgon and a bunch of zombie dwarves, morbid puppets and familiars for her warband. Very happy indead... I mean undead... I mean indeed.  I am looking forward to a quiet month once work has died down and Skulldred is out there getting bashed around!

Catch you soon Dreadlings in another gripping instalment of my blog.

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