Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sneak peek, and custom cards

Hey Dredlings,

  I am having a blast working on the book!  Having had everyone's approval to go full colour has really opened up my mind to what can be communicated graphically.  The A5 format is also really forgiving, forcing focus on one, perhaps two graphics per page means they can shine individually.  Very cool.  I am starting to get a finalised feel that I am confident about releasing.

Here is a sneaky peek at the format.

Sample page from The Skulldred Rulebook

The new rules are better paced, and address the reader directly when explaining concepts rather than in a dry third person.  It makes me feel like I am being taught the rules by someone, which feels more natural.  Though improper for manual writing, I actually prefer this personally.
You may also like to hear that example paragraphs now appears throughout the text.  These paragraphs are identified clearly under Example:, and written in italics.  Therefore you can simply skim over example blocks if you have already grasped the concept from the paragraph.

I have tried to keep the pages fairly zen, with plenty of white space, rather than the current trend of making things look like gothic manuscripts.  This means its much easier to digest and flick through.

Unit Card v5
I finalised the Unit Card today, and am pretty darn happy with the result- especially when you compare it to earlier versions... it just makes me want to play the game!

I am so excited by how the Unit Card turned out I have put up new downloads for you all to enjoy.  The master .PSD file allows you to customise your own cards, insert your own art and pick background colours.  There is also a black and white sheet version for those doomed to grey scale printing!

Here is the tutorial for those of you unfamiliar with GIMP or Photoshop.

Click on this for full tutorial!

Check the downloads bar to the left for all the things you need!

Now the cards are final, I can go through and make the unit cards for all the sample creatures- which is obviously a big effort to do each time I do it.  After that, its photo diagrams, more illustrations and a final pass on the writing.  Soon, Dredlings, soon...

Hope you like everything so far!  Comments always welcome.


  1. Sounds like things are progressing well Dave. I'm loving the rules and hope to have a Battle report up in the near future!

  2. Very nice! Can't wait for the final commercial release : you'll get my money ;o)

  3. Awesome!

    Blue in VT- got the battle reports cranking over at the forum now- love to see yours!