Saturday, June 4, 2011

Skulldred Forum Update

Hey Dredlings,

  The Skulldred forum has long been very quiet... which is not really surprising considering I hardly went there myself.  Plus its an ugly proboards thingie which is really hard to set up the look of (suggestions on a better free forum system most welcome).
  So I bit the bullet, did a spring clean, fixed it up good and proper like, and havejust  started to populate it with all things Skulldred- from battle reports, unit cards and stuff like that!
  A forum is only as good as its people- so if your loving the 'dred, please join in and start it rolling!  Post battle reports, unit cards, mini pictures- any drivel you like!

Ahhh..... That's better

You will find a bunch of unit cards for some of the figures I have been playtesting with over here, for example...

Custom unit cards

Still on the look out for bugs!

Thanks all...

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