Sunday, June 26, 2011


So during my early playtesting I had most models using two dice.  I kinda liked that, much quicker to tell at a glance.
I am wondering if its a good idea to make humans size 2, and group together smaller races, such as goblins and familliars to 1.  This would give an extra size category for larger creatures and make shooting folk a little harder.

Thoughts?  Give it a try?

Progress on the first edition is coming on nicely- I have been scribbling away on the illustrations and its starting to get a nice, gritty but cartoony feel to it, quite nice.

I would like to welcome a new playtest group in Italy who are thrashing the rules soundly- lots of great little gems coming out from them ironing out disputes in tournament play- such as disengaging over L shaped walls and other minuatae.  Brilliant stuff- every time I get a little crystalisation like this I feel like a dozen arguments in the future vanish.  Nice.

The text is quite different now- the last section to get nailed down is going to be sorcery.  Thats an area I would love everyone to thrash.

Anyway, comments on SIZE 2 warmly welcomed!


  1. Size 2 for humans sounds like a good idea. It gives a little more options when categorising races, and it seems to make sense that goblins and so on would be a grade lower in size than an armoured human knight. I say yea.

  2. Cheers MR S...
    Anyone else played this way yet?