Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Yes folks, I am officially announcing that after the first two Skulldred books are released, they will get a sci fi sister product- tentatively named project STARDRED.  (cue fan fare music here)

 Jody of Imbrian Arts and I have been chatting about his new sci fi range (which features an awesome modular power armoured warrior if you have not already seen it) and it struck me that I have not officially announced Stardred yet.  So here we are.  Stardred.  Everything you love about Skulldred, with things that go zap, bang, boom.

Now you can actually play scifi with Skulldred- just switch tech for magic and your gold.  However,  Stardred will allow you to play at skirmish level right up to meched out, tanked up armies.  The squad system I am currently kicking around in my noodle is just crazy assed and totally different to anything out there, so I am going to test the heck out of it before I say anything more, but if it all goes to plan, opponents are going to have much more fun whilst your chewing into their forces.

Anyway, enjoy the thought.  Back to Skulldred.


  1. Hmm. This notion intrigues me greatly; give me a decent platoon-level sci-fi game (something I can play with, say, a 40K Battleforce at most) and I'd play the hell out of it. An army level game with eighty dudes and ten tanks doesn't appeal to me in the slightest since I frankly can't afford to build a force for it, but I'd like to use those sexy plastic models for something I might realistically be able to play.

  2. I've had a few games of Skulldred using UNIT versus Daleks (left my Invasion Earth rules at home!) and it worked rather well - even with my ham-fisted amendments for indirect mortar fire and Dalek armour!

    No battle reports or photos I'm afraid as the games were for our Explorer Unit and I didn't get much chance to make any notes...

    Can't wait for you to do it properly with Stardred!

  3. Yeah Von, that's what I am hearing a lot. Folk want a handful of squads and personalities, perhaps a couple of vehicles, but not have to unpack, paint and field a gazillion figures.

    Thants- always keen to see battle reports of all sides!