Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Skulldred approaches- but which format?

A big shout out to all of you who have been sending me emails regarding Skulldred, thanks!  Its really nice to keep getting so much positive feedback- and to hear people spreading the word.  The decline of notes and playtesting errata suggests to me that either its (a) getting pretty much ready for first edition (yay!), or (b) people are loosing interest for whatever reason (boo!).
  So, if you have been merrily playing along, I would love to hear from you!  Very shortly I will have a block of time required to reformat the whole book into its first edition- this is a huge job, as the print on demand format is quite different from the one I have been using.
  One thing I would love to know is everyone's preference for the printed format of book.    I am currently thinking of releasing the book in several formats- a Skulldred Pocketbook (A5 perfect bound, black and white, color cover) and a deluxe edition in full colour in hardback with lots of pictures of games and miniatures.
  Comment below if you have any favourites for your rulebooks!


  1. Full colour baby. I'd buy that in a flash.

  2. For playing purpose, the small book would be best. For viewing pleasure, the full coloured hardcover is obviuosly better. I'll get the smaller version, because i'll use the book for playing. I'm not too enthusiastic about the 5 ton Warhammer bible, which i have to carry around...

  3. Why not a full color book on a A5 size?
    Best of both worlds ;)

  4. I just tested out an A5 version and I gotta say love it. Just big enough to allow for diagrams and art, will be a delight to whack in a bag for game nights and you can put it on the side of a gaming table without it getting in the way.

    I agree with colour too, firstly because I can replace diagrams with pretty painted figure pictures, but also from a practical standpoint it makes colour coding sections a doddle for fast reference.
    If your going to fork out dosh for a book, it should be a pretty book.

    Colour A4 it is then.

    Current plans are to release two editions- Skulldred: Hardcore and Skulldred: Basic, both identical in game content except the latter reworded with different art so that it is more suitable for children.

  5. Colour works out to be about ten dollars US more expensive, but I think its worth it.

  6. Hmm, lots of illustrations, minis to sculpt, paint and photograph... Should take at least two months for all that. Plenty of time for people to thrash the rules.
    I got the formatting done today down to a5. The new text is shuffled about a bit to clump info into the same places- so character stats now run straight into warband building, and a what you need to play section neatens the front end up.

  7. I guess that depends on price, but I like to have both options with a nice pretty book coming first.
    Maybe meet somewhere in the middle?

  8. Full colour with loads of pics - good idea though with the kid friendly one - got my Explorer (scouts) unit into gaming on the strength of your little game!