Sunday, May 15, 2011

Progress report

Hey Dredlings,

Work on the Skulldred first edition is coming along nicely- its shaping up to be around 80 pages at the moment.  I have to say having colour back as an option has really made a huge difference to the feel of the book- its much lighter and easier to navigate and digest.  I am focusing only on the child friendly release first.  I am about three quarters through the blocking out, working out what diagrams and illustrations I am going to need and popping in place holders.  As I am going I am condensing and shuffling text about.

One of the first big changes I have made is to the unit cards.  Here is an example...

New character cards for the A4 colour edition
Long strike has been dropped from the standard stat boxes, it is now an ability- which makes the card look simpler.  Considering only a few models in play would need it, I think that is a sensible move. The new card are rotated to allow them to fit both the books A5 double columns and fit nicely into a regular gaming card sleeve.  Spell and ability cards also work like this.
The unit cards will be available in clean black and white and with a range of background wallpapers to suit the theme of your warband.  The webby will have a photoshop file that will allow you to drop your own art of mini photos in if your feeling fancy!  Dont say I never do nuthing for ya.  For a start, that would be bad English.