Monday, May 30, 2011

Last minute thrashing! T-SHIRTS!

Well folks, the time has come for a last minute thrashing of what will be first edition rules- so if you have the time and are made from the stuff of legends, this could be your finest hour!

Grab some obscure models as units, unusual spell mixes and thrash out some quick and dirty games- I am on the hunt for overly cheaty spells and power combinations. Current suspects are "wall" spells- which may require ousting from edition 1 to an expansion rulebook. trample and poison have been moved as you know, are there any other cads?

If you have not Submitted your findings from the game now is definately the time to shoot me an email! It does not have to be technical- something as vague as "I got hammered by flying large monsters last week- it sucked." will do me! Just pop SKULLDRED in the title so I can sort the mail!

I have been getting emails sharing excitement about the color a5 edition coming out- which is really nice as it encourages me to put more effort in!

Oh, and - hey... new logo.  The Skulldred speed skull...

I literally designed this on a napkin at a cafe, as the old cliché goes.  I wanted a text style that captures the feeling of speed and danger you get with the game, something that could can be a simple black and white symbol.  Don't worry, the mascot Ol' Mr. Skulldred will still be haunting the game pages and products.

I put this on some CafePress T-shirts if you fancy waving the flag at your local game club!  Visit here...

Ooooh, merchandise!

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