Saturday, March 12, 2011

2.05 arrives!

Skulldred Beta 2.5 is now sitting in the downloads section!

This massive update brings the whole system up to date with the size / skill flip as well as fielding a swathe of small tweaks to gold values and rules.  There is now an index too.

Thanks again to everyone playtesting and coming up with suggestions!  I have listed your names inside the book, please contact me if you want the details changed or added!

I have also built a spreadsheet character builder here featuring all the new prices and rules changes....  linky


  1. Thanks for the update.
    Do I understand well that I have to score 6 hits more than opponent to kill a Size 4 + 2 armor?

    It seems rather difficult. Maybe I do not understand well.

  2. A size 4 +2 armoured character is basically an ogre in full plate armour... not an easy thing to kill in one blow. If the ogre is downed, it can be killed with 2 hits.

    A regular human has 3 dice. If the ogre rolls no hits, the humans score can double... thats six hits if he rolls well.

    The other way to cause six hits would be to trick the player onto difficult ground, gain better ground, launch a surprise attack, gang up on it and if the situations dire... burn dreadskulls for extra dice.
    A 1 dice champion pixie could burn 5 dreadskulls and take out a size 4 +2 armoured ogre with fair odds. Expensive, but it could win the game.

    Taking out a dragon requires a bit more effort... it will almost never drop its guard, and requires lots of hits to hurt it. Your only chance its to use magic, gang up and burn dreadskulls.