Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Suggested Toughness and magic changes 2.05

Just incorporated a great little idea into the rules (thanks OldSchool- contact me to get your name in the credits)
Rather than Toughness -1 + armour, simply make any attack that equals toughness a kill, rather than higher than.  Duh!  Shame on me.

As Oldschool pointed out, one less sum is a good thing, and I am all for that as you know!

That means a size 3 needs 3 hits to kill.  Simple.

To clarify (I am rewording the book for this point) the rule is beaten by 1 = recoil.  Beaten by toughness = dead.  Beaten by less than toughness, but more than 1 = downed.
Therefore toughness 1 and 2 models both recoil on a 1, die on a 2.  You only down them only if they recoil into an obstacle.  An armour bonus for little folk is a good idea... as Frodo would no doubt testify.

Vulnerable models die instantly if beaten at all.

Wondering if changing the word toughness to To kill would clarify it.  "My dudes 3 to kill".  Abbreviated to TK.  Kinda like TKO...  :)     What are your thoughts?

A recent three way match also highlighted how magic can slow down the game.  I am thinking the best way to smooth this out is to limit each sorcerer to just 1 spell per turn.  The number of actions is the target number, you fire once and your done.  Perhaps dice splitting is still allowed?

Thanks all for playing- I am really loving the battle reports!


  1. That clarifies toughness rather nicely - To Kill requires even less brain power so that gets a thumbs up from me!

    I'd be interested to read about that three way match if there's a report been posted - 1 spell per turn sounds sensible and I would think dice splitting would be ok - I'll let you know when I've played my next game...

  2. Sadly The guys did not post that report in great detail, but hopefully they will next match they said they may get a game in this weekend.

    To kill is growing on me too. Will put it in I think. Much easier. More printers ink for you though!

    They also gave me a spreadsheet For character gen- am adapting it so you can cost up a whole warband quickly!

    Anyone have any further suggestions for 2.05 I would love to hear them!

  3. Have you looked at my question in the forum?

  4. Toughness 2 models would recoil if they are defeated by 1. However, there is an anomaly with T1 models. If they are beaten by 1 then this equals their Toughness and they would be killed (the same would be true under the previous system where the Toughness would be T1-1 = 0)

    Pat Connor (aka OldSchool)

  5. Forgot about the forum Andy!
    really should fix that sucker up properly!
    Will report back once I pop over.

    I think using T1 as essentially vulnerable now- the model dies if beaten. T2 never downs, it either recoils or dies- unless it cannot recoil- then it downs.

  6. It might be worth adding a clarification to the definition of vulnerable to the effect that it also includes all T1 models.