Sunday, February 13, 2011

Skulldred 2.03 - super sleek dice stats return

Download 2.03 using the button and play THIS version.  Its WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY easier to get your head around.

I did not have time to do the army lists, but there is a quickstart stat card sheet for a generic humanoid warband.  Simply select mirrored sides and use these cards for your first few games, and your laughing.

I dropped the whole levels, hit dice rubbish and returned to straight forward dice.  You simply note the combat, magic and shoot dice for a model, and use its size for the combat target number.  Taught my wife to play in twenty minutes!

And then she beat me.

This version plays super fast, and we are testing with twenty as side battles.  Very quick.


  1. It seems ok to use only one statistic for Attack/Block/Dodge, but it sounds very odd to use the same as a target number for ennemies when they shoot at you.

    I mean, it makes it impossible to build a super skilled feary hard to touch and deadly!

    I had better the previous ruling

  2. Page 19: Long Stride table, is cut into two columns
    Page 22: The dice is alone in the last line of the second column
    So, with the new system I can't have untrained troll (size Large)?

  3. Thats incorrect nmzi.

    You can give a faerie lots of combat dice which makes them pretty dangerous as, even though they hit on a 1, they have plenty of chances of doing so. Also, at size 1, a combat skill of 6 just costs 6 gold. So nasty and cheap!

    @Slorm you can have low dice trolls, they hit on a 4 or 5, depending on what size you class them at- and you buy less combat dice.
    I am going to add a new mechanic for devastating attacks- which means you do extra dice of damage but only if you land an attack.

    Enemies use the fairie SIZE to hit, which is 1. They roll their own shoot dice, so if they only have a shoot of 2 or 3, the fairy is still likely to not get hit at all- especially when out of close range!

  4. Well, here are the odds for a C:6 faerie
    [1] 40.187757202 (= 40% to get one "1")
    [2] 20.093878601
    [3] 5.358367627
    [4] 0.803755144 (= less than 1% to get 4 "1")
    [5] 0.064300412
    [6] 0.002143347
    Sure it is cheap, but it has only 26.32% chances to score a simple double hit, which is poor.

    I would like to give it at least 10D6 in this case.

  5. Hey, very cool rules. Do you plan adding some sort of missions? Any chance seeing a SciFi version some day?

  6. Thasnk kingofdaveness, let's try it :)

  7. Thanks all.
    I do not see a dice limit being a problem, does anyone else? Sure, we don't want to get SHADOWRUN crazy with dice- but being able to field a crazy killer faerie should be possible. Shall I move the tournament maximum to 10?

    @ Sherman0815
    Yep- I do plan to have missions in the core book- plus a big mission book would be a cool expansion.

    Sci-fi- post apoc, survival horror flavour version is definitely on the cards once the fantasy one is off the ground and flying. You can actually play skulldred with scifi figures quite well- but I think it deserves its own book. Things like suppression fire, hacking communications channels, robots and orbital strikes would be fun.

  8. Maybe we should move to the forum... (and I hope I do not annoy you with my maths).

    In the case the maximum dice number is increased, I guess you will want to be very careful about the cost: this is a major balance issue. There should be some exponential correlation between the cost and the amount of thrown dice. Beware that Size:3/Combat:10 figures might wipe out the table, since (if I am correct) their odds are:
    [0] 1.734152992 (exactly 0 hits)
    [5] 13.656454809 (exactly 5 hits)
    [10] 0.001693509
    meaning they have ~30% chances of scoring 5 hits in HtH combat.

    Of course, I am talking about tournament play: in a narrative campain, we should be able to do whatever we like.

  9. Sorry: typo "*20%* chances of scoring 5 hits in HtH "

  10. Cheers. Should add a table to the book!