Saturday, February 12, 2011

Prefer Hit on Size?

I have had a couple of comments on email that think hitting on size was more elegant and easier to remember.

This was the main system for a while, basically- models had combat dice based on how good they where, and their target number was their own size for hand to hand (and defending a shot), their opponents for shooting.

My gut reaction is that this may be right- and is certainly easier to play- since you look to your character card for your combat dice, then look to your model to remember size.  Having to check hit dice, based on (size + weapon bonus) then check combat skill is much more taxing on the drunken mind.

So do you think it is better?

Andy Skinner pointed out that large creatures hit on a bell curve anyway- so the clumsy low stat- but big monsters fair well- which makes sense.  It muddies the odds you have to weigh in your head when generating warbands.

The second benefit of the 2nd gen  'hit on size' is that you can get combat stats that go up beyond 5- making a greater range of power levels you can field.

Thinking seriously about heading back to that version.  Comments warmly appreciated!

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  1. I must recognize that I can't understand too much of what you have written, so I am only to say that I think that the Combat stats will be better if they are expressed as Score+, I mean, 5+, and so on, like the Quality in SBH.