Friday, February 18, 2011

Battle Report

 Howdy Dreadlings,

Thantsants, master of Somewhere the Tea's Getting Cold has posted a brilliant Skulldred battle report over at his blog.  Its richly narrated, funny and actually somewhat nail biting!  Dwarf miners battle orcs at the foot of a mountain...

Heh... Larder.   Rofl.

Thank's Thantsants- brilliant miniatures, brilliant table and brilliant report.  I hope you keep them coming!

Thanks also to all of you who posted feedback to me over the last week.  I have been away on holiday down the coast, and have been waiting all week to get back into mobile reception range to see what's been happening!  On the drive back, when I finally got a signal, I got all the feedback, and it was all very useful!

I am currently working on 2.04- which incorporates all of the feedback right now.  The next release will still be a week or so away, 2.03 system is pretty much unchanged though- so you can keep playing with the rules you have.  The main changes are...

Basic rules
  • Leaders can still lead models within 1 span and in LOS if engaged.  (Downed models still cannot lead)
  • Models can share out their action points to others within 1 span, for movement actions only.
  • Shoot rules clarified.  You defend using your combat dice.
  • Toughness clarified.  It is size-1 + armour bonus.
  • "Very Slow" added.  Slow now limits model to 2 moves. Very slow 1.  Being very slow gives you +2 or two +1 dices or armour levels.
  • Reload counter added to counters.
  • Sorcerers can have up to 3 portal counters in reserve for each sorcerer on the warband. (Lets you have custom looking ones for each model if you want- so a necromancer has bone portals, a firemage, fire etc.)
  • Sorcerers have 'open portal', 'cast spell' and 'charge magic' (add +1 magic dice) actions.
  • A warband can only have 3 portal counters in PLAY at once.
  • Yeah, all the costs for the sample armies where incorrect.  Bad me.  Apparently one play tester has made a spreadsheet for Skulldred that helps quickly price up models...nice one!

  I plan to overhaul and focus on the magic next, making sure that its as elegant as I can make it- as you can probably tell its quite hacked around at the moment from a couple of editions where the dice system changed.  Hopefully some time will land on my lap so I can play some sorcerer heavy games and really have a think about ways to make it slick and sexy.

Well, thanks again for playing- and I hope your all having fun with it!


  1. And What about the range of the weapons?

  2. What's the issue with weapon ranges?

  3. I mean that in the ruleset there are no rules about the range of the weapons, or I haven't read anything about it.
    And I think that it is neccesary to difference between the range of a crossbow and a sling. Don't you?

  4. How about the ability 'short range' - gives you 2 free dice in shoot but limits you to 1 long span.

    That should cover sling, throwing stars etc.