Thursday, February 10, 2011

2.02 Point release

I had some time to edit down the book again, shuffling chapters and making it much clearer to read.
I revised the sorcery rules to streamline the experience and make it easier to understand.  Now you just say which spell you want to cast and how many action points you spend on it, roll the dice, if you get enough hits against your magic score, it happens- otherwise your wizard looses his turn.

I also added some quick start unit lists for players to get stuck right in.  Should make testing easier.

Armour rules have been revised too.  Toughness has been re-added in the wording, basically size+ armour.  So its as before, basically.  :)


  1. The new organization is better, and the warband samples are very useful
    Could be possible that you publish a Printer Friendly version of Skulldred? (without photos)
    I have seen some "mistakes":
    Page 12: Difficult Ground, must be in the top of the other column
    Page 13: Disengaging, must be in the other page
    Pag 18: I should put Spotting hidden models in the other page
    Page 33: Fly should be in the other page
    Page 42: I think that 9. Moviement must be in the other page, because there is are the tables
    Page 43: I think that The Skulldred Deck must be in the other column

    That's all, for now ;)