Thursday, November 11, 2010

next edition changes...

More like, change backs... the hit/miss system though being very neat and simple, seems to indeed lack the range of confidence you garner from having a target number.  The beta 1 system actually works better in most respects, except that it did not have dreadskulls and the 'dropping guard' rule of an extra hit if the opponent rolls all fails.  Those two combined actually seem to give enough scope of tactics and allows a lowly single dicer to take down a hero - only if the hero drops his guard, which is fair enough.

The other benefit of returning to the first system - where you roll under a target number based upon good you are, and a number of dice on how dangerous you are... this gives a range of new options for sure hitting weak warriors vs erratic but devastating options such as scatter guns and frenzied cave trolls- they rarely hit, but when they do its goodnight.

Thus a warrior would be defined by his combat skill/damage dice.  Size would add bonus dice.

Another point Andy Skinner brought up from his playtest game was that rolling armour dice felt awkward.  Perhaps a simple ' reroll any enemy hit dice and if they score under your armour score you discard them.' thing would be neater.

For my play testing, I am focusing on a movement system for ranked troops on a movement tray or multi-base.  I am starting to think an easier way to handle quick play tournament rules is to break models into classes- such as cannon, spear, dragon, hero, sorcerer in a similar manner to the classic HotT.

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