Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New rules set coming soon

I have wrapped up the first series of sculpts for Bederken miniatures, so will have some time on my hands soon to get out a new beta set.

I am trying some new ideas out (it is beta after all).

Strength counters- aka potions - players use these at the end of any enemy action, or at any stage in their play to restore downed characters and can spend them to get bonus dice in combat- however be warned, once they have run out all downed results are deaths.  You will ONLY be able to restore downed characters using strength, otherwise they stay downed and may only crawl about slowly.

Levels - All models get level scores.  Mooks are level 0, troops 1, veterans 2, heroes 3, champions 4.  This limits the amount of strength counters that they can use, and could be a basis of a toughness base attribute.  The idea is that the units level defines default numbers, the exceptions are then purchased.

Doubletime - when a model is out of long range from the enemy, he may double move for one action.  This is counted as a single action.  This allows larger tables to be played.

Agressive Draw tactics - if you draw with an opponent, the attacker you may elect to drive the model back, slam them back, reposition itself anywhere touching the enemies base or knock them back.

Base knockback - the Smaller of the two bases is always used- so a gargantuan forced back by a fairee will only move back the width of the fairee base.

I am also trying out some alternative initiative systems shortly, all quite radically different to each other.  The aim is always be drunk, make it streamline and make it more fun.