Wednesday, July 28, 2010


One comment I have had is that players want weapons supported in the rules.

I think that differentiating a mace from an axe from a sword, for example, would be a layer of complexity that isn't needed.  Adding this would limit the miniatures you could field and would add a table to the book- directly contrary to the basic values of the game.  Regardless of what the miniature has been sculpted with, the only consideration you need is how good are they with the weapon they are holding.

I do think weapon powerups are a good idea- being able to find a good weapon in a treasure chest or steal one from a slain enemy is all good fun.  I plan on having weapon cards and counters in the game.  These would simply add a bonus dice to your melee or ballistic score.

Polearms, seige engines and slow loading weapons are something I think that should be factored in though.

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