Wednesday, July 28, 2010

First battle report- like eva

The award for first beta battle report goes to Thantsants for his brillaint elf vs. orc reboot on a classic campaign.  Delicious scenery and miniatures here...

Thanks so much Thantsants!

Combat went well, but the initiative system needs revising- looking at the report my gut feeling is that units need to be able to do more rather than having to rely on initiative all the time.  I am thinking a simple system where you choose either 2 free actions system or gamble for initiative by rolling under your initiative of 3 or more- though I am tempted to make it a roll stat number of dice vs game conditions- factoring in morale, if your the last man standing you get more action points, for example.

Do try out the rules if you get a few hours- the core combat system is the focus here whilst I nut out a cool activation system.

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