Sunday, June 27, 2010

beta 1.03 Initiative revision

Hi folks,

Initiative rules where too harsh, so try this version.

  • Downed models may not make any free actions, except a free recover.
  • A model may free recover instead of rolling for initiative.  It may not do both.
  • If a downed model rolls for initiative instead, it must spend its first action point recovering, it may then spend the rest of its points performing any actions as per normal.
  • You may sacrifice your go instead of downing a models.
And a biggie...
  • Downed models that are not engaged are not killed by a second downed result from a failed initiative roll.  They simply remain down and do not gain any actions.
  • Downed models that are engaged are killed if they get a second downed result.
Using this version means that reckless actions are no longer in the rules.


  1. Hi,

    Nice set of rules. I read through it and thought it was pretty intuitive.

    At a read, it looks like a combination of Heroscape and SBH with some twists for magic/etc.

    Can you give more insight into why size drives successes on the dice rolls?

    If I was designing the game, I would have picked an attribute like Fighting Skill to determine hit %.

    The alternative would be to default successes to 5/6. This is a pretty standard success rate for d6 successes.

  2. The original system did use a combat stat, but if you take a look at the added layer of complexity from factoring in size and chart it, you will find the correlation of size and attack effectiveness is consistent.
    I therefore streamlined it to your skill being dice and your target number your size.
    It sounds weird, but give it a go and you will see how smooth it plays.

    Btw. The whole 5/6 paradigm is a GW thing and best avoided for ones health, sanity and hip pocket.